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① Strict standards for material selection

Better tea begins at the better material selection.
We are buying tea material(Dried tea leaves, "Aracha") after strict selection by the tea craftsmen.
Our longstanding experience for tea manufacturing make it possible to expect the flavor of a final product while considering the various method of processing.
And strong relationships with farmers also bring us the advantage of better quality material.
② Sophisticated heating and roasting

Heating and roasting are said to be the most critical process in all process of tea manufacturing.
We are discreetly choosing the heating method according to the condition of material. That's why we have some types of heating machine. So, we bring out the taste and flavor that tea originaly have at maximum.

③ Eco- and Human- friendly

We have an official certification of production process manager of organic process food. We are promoting organic tea farming and manufacturing by developing a quality of organic tea using our traditional craftsmanship.
We are always paying attention to the hygiene management of the factory.
We are aiming at not only Eco-, but also Human- Friendly firm.

Our green tea are characterised by deep green color, full-bodied taste and natural sweetness
Generally, a cup of tea should be made in 70-80℃. But our tea are able to be made in any class of temperature.

Our tea awarded at many official competition. For instance, Our masterpiece "Green of mountain(やまの緑®, Yamano midori)" attain special awards in Japanese tea compatition 2017.
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